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Blue Swan Design

NOTE: Blue Swan Design is not currently accepting new clients. Jay is moving to Africa to join Mercy Ships and is closing the doors of BSD indefinitely. Thank you.

In a world where having a website for your business is almost assumed, we all need a little help standing out.

Here at Blue Swan Design our goal is to help you do just that! To earn the trust of your customers, and communicate yourself effectively to the world. How we go about doing that relies largely on who you are, and what your message is.

Along with our various friends in the field we provide a holistic web development service. Our specialty revolves around web and graphic design, but we will also build your website, optimize it, and host it for a low monthly fee.

We want you to be proud of your site as much as we want to be proud of it ourselves! Ultimately we are best served by word-of-mouth advertising, so our clients are doubly important to us.

We're also branching out into video, the thing that Jay has been doing the longest. If you have any questions we'd love to hear from you today!